Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Miracle Soldier is to share my tragedy to triumph, inspirational, faith filled, story of SGT. Douglas Szczepanski Jr. who overcoming a suicide car bomber’s attack on my life while deployed in Baghdad, Iraq in 2005. Douglas’ positive attitude, love of country and unique story allows him to connect with children of all ages in elementary, middle and high school, at churches, among men’s groups, and women’s groups, and a variety of patriotic, military or service events. As an inspirational speaker, he speaks on themes like perseverance, resiliency, service, sacrifice, overcoming adversity and love of country. As an evangelist, he is focused on proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the healing, hope and strength found in His miraculous power. 

Miracle Soldier is also committed to bringing that same mission of hope, healing and strength to our nation’s warriors, especially those who have born the burden of multiple deployments, physical wounds with physical scars or those who bear the emotional, mental and spiritual scars of PTS. This also includes the families of America’s servicemen and women, spouses and children. Miracle Soldier is focused on bringing restoration to these men and women, through a Family Camp, retreats, spiritual resiliency, and biblical teaching and training.


To share the hope, healing and strength found in right relationship with Jesus Christ and the salvation He brings, through the Word of God and the testimony of SGT. Douglas Szczepanski Jr. To proclaim the miracle working power of God. To bring a message of encouragement to a hurting world. To reach out to combat wounded and PTSD trauma veteran, and their families with faith and hope of Jesus.