14 years ago a suicide car bomber attacked my uparmored HUMVEE, filled with the command team of C182 MP(Secfor) during OIFIII. 14 years ago my life, their lives, almost ended when the car bomber detonated. Today I write this post, filled with joy after having a celebratory dinner with my wife, three children and my loving parents, the same parents that almost lost their son years ago. At dinner my father looking around the table remarked that 14 years ago, the family that sat around the table, my family, almost didn’t happen. 14 years ago, I almost died. 14 years ago, I survived, and today I am alive. I’m alive and by God’s grace I have a family of my own. One life can affects so many others.  

Life Can Change Someone’s World

About a month or so ago, I received a message through Facebook Messenger from a woman that had heard me share my testimony at a church that I was member and leader of a number of years ago; Bay Valley Christian Church. In her message to me, she wrote that my life and story had a positive and powerful effect on her life, and that she wanted me to know that what I was doing back then, and what my life and ministry are doing now is still having an impact. How long ago had she heard me speak? 7 years ago, 7! It would seem that all these years later, God was and is, still using my life’s story as positive influence in her life and hopefully others.

I wrote back to her and thanked her for the encouragement. I was truly humbled that all these years later my story of overcoming a suicide car bomber, my perseverance during painful recovery, and my reliance on the power of Christ was still reverberating in her life. Was this encouraging? Yes. Humbling? Even more so. You see, its not the first time I’ve received a message after I have spoken somewhere. I’ve been blessed to read, and hear of how my life and story, has brought hope to others or led them to a deeper faith in Christ. Each time I receive messages like this, I thank the Lord for the opportunity and privilege to share my story, and I thank God that He sent someone to encourage me, because we all need a little encouragement from time to time.

This, however, is not the main reason I’m telling you about this. The reason I mention this conversation is because it represents the power of one life. How one life, one story can change the world. One story, one life can change one world. In this case, my life, empowered by my Spirit led faith, and a willingness to speak about it, helped change her life. Now in small way, she had done the same for me. Encouragement leads to encouragement. One positive life affects another and the blessings continue, and multiply as we journey along. Yet, if had not survived being wounded in combat, I wouldn’t be here to bring the hope I still have, but I am alive and that’s what I’m doing.

Alive for A Reason

As you can see from the conversation I had with that woman, it was just one life, in that case my life that made such an impact in her life. One person. That’s what it is about. Of course, I hope I’m able to make a lasting impact on many lives as I go and share. I’m filled with gratitude that the Lord saved me from death on that sunny, dusty day in Baghdad, so that my one life could reach out and bring hope to others. I know why I’m alive, and so thankful for it. I’m alive to share my story. I’m alive to serve and minister to others. I’m alive to impact one person. I’m alive to have the blessing of marrying my beautiful wife, to love her and build our life and family together, raising, teaching and enjoying my boys and little girl. I’m alive to help do my part in God’s kingdom, building it and enjoying Him. I’m alive to share the hope, healing and strength of Christ and the good news that He saves sinners. I’m alive to keep shining light into the darkness and to help lift my brothers and sisters in arms out of it.

why I’m alive and that’s why today is my Happy I’m Alive Day.

The questions are: do you know why you’re alive? Do you want to know? Do see how one life matters to so many?

Alive for a Reason

If you’re reading this, that means that you’re alive. I’m so glad, and I’m thankful that you are. More importantly, I want you to realize that you are here for a reason, you’re here for a purpose, and its no mistake that you are alive and breathing right now. Even though some days are dark, some days are tough and sometimes I personally don’t always feel happy, peaceful or strong, I realized long ago, that the dark days don’t last forever, even though it may seem like it. The night can be long, but morning always comes. Have faith, count your blessings and get back up, move forward. You are alive, and your live matters to so many. Hopefully you’ll realize, like I have, that you are alive for a reason and your life is important and powerful even if it is just to one person. If it’s a dark day for you, I’m telling you now, you are alive for a reason.  I’ve had dark days too, even in recent months, but we’re all here on purpose, and sometimes we must remind each other of that.

You are alive for a reason. You may not have been blown up by a suicide car bomber, but I’m sure you’ve been blown up by life, I know I have. If you’re alive, remember you may be the voice of hope in someone’s life. You may be a source of joy for them. You may be the hands and feet of Christ to someone in need. The point is: your one life is bigger than just yourself. Your voice can help someone in need. You don’t always know how far and wide you’ve impacted people with your life, but I can tell you that it’s a lot further, more influential and more impactful than you realize. I’m glad to have you here with us all.

alive today because of Jesus, you can be too. I’m alive today, and I’m thankful
for this life, even in the sad times, the tough times and the difficult times,
because I’m filled with a joy that no man can take, His joy. Today is my Happy
I’m Alive Day and were going to celebrate it, because life is a gift, and we
appreciate it the most by giving it away in service to others. So take a deep
breath, praise God for the life you have, draw strength from Him and go use it
to serve Him and others to the best of your ability and watch your one life
bring so much good.

If the suicide car bomber was trying to take my life and defeat me, well his plan backfired. I’m alive. Rom 8:28.

I’m Alive Day 2019

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