Patriot Day- Sept 11th, 2019


Sept 11th, 2001. It’s been 18 years and the memories I have of waking up and watching the two airliners crash into the World Trade Center buildings are forever etched into my mind. Although it has been many years since the attacks, just one look of pictures filled with debris, and rubble, and the soot filled faces of businessmen and women, police, firefighters, bent steel, and the brings me right back to that tragic morning. It’s a somber mix of emotions, including and sadness and joy, as I remember the heroism of brave Americans seeking to help one another, juxtaposed with the massive loss of innocent life that day.

As the towers smoldered, buckled and began to break and a nation fell stunned to its knees, it was New York City Police officers, firefighters and first responders that rushed into the collapsing World Trade Center buildings as dust, smoke, debris and fire surrounded. New Yorkers rushed to safety, as brave, and fearless police, firefighters and ems rushed into the towers, trying to save as many people as possible; many amongst their ranks did not make it back. Americans everywhere were horrified and shocked. Yet the values that make America the beacon of hope around the world were on display that morning. This is what we remember on Sept 11th,2019, and every Patriot Day. We don’t dwell on the attacks, nor do we deny they happened, we focus on what matters most about this day the heroes that make us all proud to be Americans.


When I truly reflect on the heroic deeds, the bravery and the sacrifice of all who searched the ruins, inhaled toxic dust and gave everything to save lives, I am humbled. When I think of the many lives that were snuffed out in just a moment, with nothing but one last text, phone call and goodbye they given to loved ones, I am motivated to make every moment in my life count. To live each day as if it could be the last. To value what means the most in this life and the next.

Since that fateful morning, America has rebuilt. We brought the fight to our enemy’s lands, stopped new attacks from occurring and banded together as a country. Sept 11th, 2001, my generation’s Pearl Harbor, will never fade from my memory, but I am hopeful that it will never be forgotten in America’s national and historical memory. We must always remember Sept 11th. Always. Today is Patriot Day, so named in order to remind Americans that unity, bravery, sacrifice and love of country are some of the values that make America and its people exceptional and strong. One way we can honor that sacrifice, is to live out those values in honor of those heroic men and women. We can seek to love our country and countrymen. We can stand united. We can be brave and not give into fear. We can live, making the most out our lives in service to others.


Most importantly we must remember to pray. Here is a prayer I wrote for this day:

Father, as we gather to remember those who sacrificed their lives on September 11th,2001, I ask that you help us to honor their memories by never forgetting the events of this somber day. Help us remember their stories and the lives of the loved ones left behind. Please bring their families peace, and comfort on a day that must still bring them pain.

Pray for Our Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders

Lord, I pray that you would protect and keep safe every police officer, firefighter, and first responder, who are out there selflessly and heroically saving lives while their own life is on the line. Bring them home to their families and give them peace.

Pray for our Active and deployed military, returning troops and veterans

I pray that Your guiding hand of providence would sovereignly be upon every soldier, sailor, Marine, airmen and coastguardsmen as they deploy across the world to combat zones to eradicate the vile of terrorism. Keep them safe, give them courage, bravery and victory, bring them home to their families and heal their hidden wounds when they return.

Pray for this Nation

Lord, our nation is full of division, anger, hurt and hate, please bring us all together in the unity of the Spirit, in the name of Jesus. I pray and ask for spiritual, racial and national reconciliation among men and women, boys and girls of every race, nationality, religion, and creed. I pray that we would emulate the heroic actions of the police, firefighters, and first responders of 9/11 and live selfless, brave, sacrificial lives of service and goodwill towards one another. Finally, I pray that this nation would once again turn to you, find healing and forgiveness and You would restore us to unity once again.

In Jesus name,


Remember-Live- Pray

So, what do we do on Sept 11th? What can we do to make our fellow American’s sacrifice more than just a memorial? We can emulate and live the values of those who bravely gave their lives on Sept 11, 2001. Sacrifice, selflessness, honor, unity, brotherly love, service, duty honor, love of country and love of God. Let us always remember to fully embody the spirit of those who sacrificed their lives on Sept 11th,2001. Let us once again be a nation of true patriots, full of selflessness, service, brotherly love and honor. Let us never forget their memories, stories or the tragic events. Every Patriot Day and throughout the year let us continue to share their stories and live the full, purposeful lives that they never got to. Let us pray, pray for the families, pray for the first responders and military and pray for America, this day and every day.

I will leave you with this quote from President Bush delivered shortly after the attacks. “These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.” We are stronger when we unite in love, faith and prayer.

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